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SAT Tutors in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida

SAT Tutoring

Our SAT Tutoring program has been designed to build key skills and effective strategies to crack the SAT's. The private tutoring sessions are held at our convenient locations in Gurgaon, or at the student's home. We currently have tutoring available in So, and provide online tutoring for those outside NCR. Our sessions are customized to the individual learning needs of our students and are designed to maximize test-taking techniques and scores.

 Our Instructors

We distinguish ourselves by the quality of our instructors. Finding top-quality SAT instructors, especially in Gurgaon, is no easy task. We've hand-picked some of the best instructors.

 SAT I Tutoring (Reasoning Test)

 At SATworldacademy, our one-on-one SAT Tutoring program is completely tailored to the needs of our students. Our 28 hour program includes:

  • 4 hour diagnostic exam, with detailed score reporting and essay evaluation
  • 10 x 2 hour sessions
  • 4 hour simulated test
  • Complete test prep materials
  • Private rooms for one-on-one instruction
  • Free 1 hour consultation with US College Admissions consultant
  • In-home tutoring is available

 SAT II Tutoring (Subject Tests)

 SATworldacademy provides one-on-one tutoring for the following SAT Subject Tests:

  • Math Level 1
  • Math Level 2
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Literature
  • World History
  • US History

Our Advantage


SATWorldAcademy Other SAT Prep Programs
Customized program tailored to the unique needs of individual students.     Inflexible program that fails to recognize individual     students’ strengths and weaknesses
Top quality instructors handpicked from the best schools.          Considerable variety in terms of teacher quality.
Course material carefully chosen from the range of all available options.                          Limited course material.