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Get SAT Perfect Score

SATworldAcademy has developed detailed lesson plans for the math, critical reading and writing sections. While it’s important to know all the SAT math, SAT reading and SAT writing skills, it’s also key to learn the tricks of the SAT.

Students love when I show them a technique to solve the question below even if they’ve never seen a negative exponent or a fractional exponent. Yes, I will repeat. SATworldAcademy can show a student how to solve this problem even if the student doesn’t know what a negative exponent or a fractional exponent is.

YSB Technique

SATworldAcademy  also can review the areas of the SAT you don’t remember, from geometry’s 7-24-25 perfect right triangle to grammar’s comma splice.

SATworldAcademy  can teach you when to guess on the SAT and how to make the best guess. SATworldAcademy can show you how to pace yourself while taking the SAT.

SATworldAcademy  will show you how to eliminate answer choices on the critical reading section of the SAT will help you improve your SAT essay, too. With Your Score Booster on your side, you’ll review important math, reading and writing skills as well as learn the tricks of the SAT and PSAT; only that combination will help you get your best score on the SAT or PSAT.

Your Score Booster SAT prep is individualized to each student’s needs.