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We provide SAT online tutor, SAT face to face individual tutors, SAT group tutors in delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Banglore, Pune , Singapore,  USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Malaysia, Bangkok, Phillipines,Kuwait, bangladesh,Sweden, Germany etc.  You can get SAT tutors instantly after your request.

Our students have got more than 2100 in SAT-I by taking online tuition all around world like india, singapore, malaysia, germany, hong kong , USA, UK, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, etc. 

SAT World Academy is the leading test preparation centre in Gurgaon with a proven track record in producing top-scoring students. We offer a combination of courses for a variety of tests and examinations, delivered in the Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Faridabad. .
We also provide online courses and are able to customize our test prep courses based on your needs.
Our courses are trained and delivered by top-scoring and highly experienced graduates and consultants, all of whom have great passion for teaching.


Our methodology will reinforce conceptual and procedural understanding required to excel in the test assessment areas, and identify the students' unique difficulties and weaknesses in order to customize their training, be it on a one-to-one private tuition, or in a small group setting. They will be required to actively participate in various practice tests that will be reviewed for specific strategies for improving their test-taking skills and for enhancing their understanding of the concepts and procedures.

The instructors will advise each student in no uncertain terms what specific course of action the students need to engage in so that they can apply the concepts and procedures consistently and effectively. Benefit Prep Test Prep courses offer students serious coaching with a 100-point jump guarantee from our diagnostic test to the actual test for students who are diligent in embracing our advice and guidance.

Unlike other test preparation programs, our courses go beyond a review of general test-taking tricks. We focus on actual mathematics, verbal and all other relevant content. Students emerge with skills, strategies and, a confident approach to every type of test problem and content areas; from the basic to the most advanced questions.

Shortcuts and strategies remain fundamental components of our curriculum; but our curriculum also strives to re-teach students the knowledge that they have encountered years ago and have since forgotten. This includes grammatical and analytical principles that they might not have learned the first time around. But what really sets us apart from the rest is that... our students are our top priority.